Conservative Precinct Committeeman

December 28, 2009

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At this point in the election cycle Precinct Committeemen are appointed to PC slot vacancies.

How does a “vacancy” occur?

The County Elections Department determines the number of Precinct Committeemen allotted for each Party for every voting precinct (your immediate neighborhood). A vacancy occurs when fewer people are elected to Precinct Committeeman than their precinct is allotted. In those precincts, any registered Republican in the precinct can request to be appointed to fill the vacancy.

Every Maricopa County voting precinct (your immediate neighborhood) is allotted one PC plus one more PC for every 125 voters or fraction thereof. So, if your precinct has 126 registered Republicans, there are three PCs allotted for that precinct. The automatic one PC allotment, one more PC for the first 125 registered Republicans and one more because of the “fraction of 125,” the 126th registered Republican in that precinct.

PCs are elected by the voters in the precinct. In spring of even numbered years Precinct Committeeman Nominating Petitions are made available to those seeking to become an elected PC. The Nominating Petition for a PC usually does not require more than 10 signatures, depending on the voter registration count for your Party in your precinct. Your own signature on your Petition counts for one signature. So, collecting the approximately 10 signatures to get on the ballot for PC is easily accomplished in less than one day. Your name for Precinct Committeeman will only appear on the ballot in your own precinct (your neighborhood).

In precincts without contested races for precinct committeeman – precincts with a number of Nominations equal to or less than the allotment – Maricopa County does not go to the expense of printing PC names on the ballot.

I thought Primary Elections only choose the Party Nominee?
Remember, the Primary Election is “all about” the Party. Every Party which qualifies to be represented on the Arizona ballot, in Arizona that is Republican, Democrat, Libertarian and Green, has their own individual allotment of PCs. So, unlike other public offices, you do not have the Republican Precinct Committeeman facing off against the Democrat Precinct Committeeman in the General Election. There is no need to. Every party has their own allotment of PCs. The final election of Precinct Committeeman for all parties in all precincts occurs on Primary Election Day.

I’m too late to vote for County Party Officers on Jan. 16, 2010. Why become a PC now?
It is never too late or the wrong time to become a PC. Become a PC now and you will have all the same voting rights as other PCs for questions and elections that come before your Legislative District Committee before the next General Election Day. Becoming a Precinct Committeeman now under the easy process of simply providing your I.D. will teach you Party structure and give you a better understanding of the issues in your Legislative District, state and the nation. When candidates are considering running for office they look at the population of Precinct Committeemen in the district. Higher numbers of Republican PCs in a district will discourage a Democrat from pursuing the idea of running for office. Every Republican Precinct Committeeman, appointed or elected, actively carrying out PC work or not, has a positive affect for the election of Republican candidates. Of course, we want Precinct Committeemen actively engaged in PC work. But, it is also true that simply becoming a PC to fill a vacancy has a positive affect for us.

The Republican Party isn’t going to listen to me!
The structure of the Party depends on listening to you. Everything starts with the grassroots neighborhood Precinct Committeeman. District Officer elections, County Officer elections and State Officer elections all rely on the vote of the Precinct Committeeman. The policies of elected Party Officers are a direct reflection of the majority of Precinct Committeemen. Party Officer elections cannot happen without the vote of the PC. A Maricopa County Republican Committee Executive Committee seat was decided in 2009 by one PC vote, 721 to 720. Your Precinct Committeeman vote is critically important to the election of conservative candidates and the approval of conservative policy.

Your immediate neighborhood is your precinct. Arizona is divided into 30 Legislative Districts. All the Precinct Committeemen in a Legislative District form that Legislative District’s Republican Committee. For example, in LD15, all the Precinct Committeemen form the Legislative District 15 Republican Committee. Do you have Constitutionalist and conservative District Officers or do they support John McCain policy that we need to weaken our Party Platform to appeal to liberal voters too? It is up to you not only to vote in District Officer elections but, also to recruit higher numbers of like minded PCs who will join you in voting for conservative District Officers. District Officers can greatly affect the outcome of elections. District Officers decide which candidates are given a forum at District meetings. District Officers promote candidates to the community. If you want conservative Candidates to have a forum at District meetings and you want conservative Candidates promoted to the community, you have to elect conservative District Officers.

How do I become a Precinct Committeeman now?
Visit That is the web site for the Arizona Republican Party. Look up the contact information for your County Republican office. Call that office and request to be appointed a Precinct Committeeman. You may have to be very persistent in getting the attention of the County officers. Once you have the attention of your County Republican office, you will probably be referred to your Legislative District officer’s contact information. If you already know your District Officer’s contact information, just start with your District Officers for requesting a PC Appointment. You may have to be very persistent in seeing your PC Appointment through to completion. Different County and District officers have differing political agendas. Your County or District Officers may have a political agenda that does not conform to your politics. Experience shows County and District Officers sometimes make it easier or more difficult to become a PC depending on how well your political philosophy conforms to their own. Be persistent in requesting your PC Appointment. The process for an Appointment to PC can legitimately take six weeks because the last stop is the County Elections Dept. which only meets monthly to approve new PC Appointments.

Neither County Officers nor District Officers have any say in your freedom to become an elected Precinct Committeeman. Every validly registered Republican is eligible to complete a Nominating Petition and run for Precinct Committeeman, with or without approval, help or encouragement from District and County officers.

Call your County Elections Department, if necessary, and ask them which Legislative District you live in. Maricopa County residents should then visit to find the date and location of your District or County Republican Committee meeting. Those meetings are open to the public. Attend your District Meeting whether those in charge are political friend or foe. Become an Appointed PC if there is a vacancy in your Precinct. Watch for Precinct Committeeman Nominating Petitions to be made available in Spring of 2010.

Every Primary Election Day, August 24th in 2010, cancels the existing roster of elected and appointed PCs. PCs are only elected for two year terms. The term expires every two years on General Election Day. Everybody in your precinct who wants to become an elected PC must complete a Nominating Petition and get on the ballot for Precinct Committeeman. So, even if the allotment of PCs for your precinct is already entirely filled you have the same opportunity as those elected PCs to run for PC yourself in the August 24th, 2010 Arizona Primary elections.

Only Elected PCs have a vote in District Officer elections! Conservatives must become Elected Precinct Committeemen in the August 24th Primary to affect the critically important District Officer elections. Please become an Appointed Precinct Committeeman as soon as possible.

What’s the rush?
Our conservative Republican National Committee Platform has been removed from our National Republican Committee web site.
Our Republican Platform is very conservative. It is a reflection of the viewpoints of the majority of Republican PCs across America who elected our 2008 Platform Writing Committee. Unfortunately, the “figurehead” of the Republican Party, our last Presidential Nominee, John McCain, does not agree with many of the conservative principles contained in our Platform. Therefore, on the watch of John McCain and Republican National Committee Chairman, Michael Steele, our Platform has come down from our national web site.**

Only thousands of grassroots Americans from across the country signing up to become Precinct Committeemen will command the attention of our National “leaders” enough to restore our conservative Platform to a place of prominence on our national web site where the public can easily learn what unites us as Republicans.

Our platform has been replaced with a moderate document titled “What We Believe.” This new substitute for our real platform does not include our defining principles of defending the sanctity of life and combating illegal immigration.

**Our Platform is at However, it is buried in a section no casual visitor to the site would ever find. To find our National Platform, visit or which both point to the same site. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the home page and click on “Counsel’s Office.” As the visiting public would never find our Platform this way, it is for all intents and purposes removed.

As Arizona Republican State Senator Russell Pearce says “…I believe the Republican Platform is our greatest hope for returning our constitutional liberties however, we must be vigilant.” Please become a Precinct Committeeman today. If there is not an available slot for you to become a PC, please become an elected Precinct Committeeman on the next Primary Election Day.